What kills most good people,
is that they never see to it,
that some creatures were born,
only to stir havoc and to destroy,

So they stick around,
actually, stick around for so long,
waiting for these soulless creatures to change,
in one way or the other,

But all in vain,
after all the care and love,
plus the effort they put into these creatures,
life goes out of them,
slowly by slowly,
until they are dead,
coming back as Zombies,

Ready to eat out other good people’s souls,
Ready to stir havoc,
Ready for the kill,
Ready to destroy,
Ready to be the person that never changed even,
When they gave their life for them.

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In the dark.

Take my hand,

lets go into the trees,

Behind the branches,

Falling on our knees,

Part of us would never change,

You wouldn’t have to ever wonder,

what we are,

Cause you wont have to look far,

i’ts i the stars, it;s hidden in the stars,

in the rain, in the dark we lay.


The Nothingness of things*

They did the running man on the beat drop of
DJ Snakes’s Propaganda from Encore,
Suddenly, she missed a step and toppled over,
He started laughing,
And the one that had toppled was also set unto the
laughter train,
Still laughing hysterically, he managed to steal a
little kiss from her pretty damaged damaging lips,

Let’s go,
Where? She asked,
He said,
Leave your sorrows on the table,
Pick up your worries and throw them out the window,
There is so much trouble to get into,
So he held her hand and asked her if she would like to
listen to his Jermaine Cole record on his old gramophone,
She fucked with Jcole,
So they went,
Poetic lines,

Young soft breaths into the nightly night,
And there they were, at 4 pm,
Laughing at the nothingness of things.



With a person like her,

you did not need to be addicted to a different kind of drug,

or have another favorite drink.

                                   Nakuya Bridget.